Why I Believe in Skincare Over Makeup

June 7, 2017


If any of you have been watching and reading my squares on Two Threaded Poppies Instagram account, you will have noticed the large number of posts I’ve shared about skincare and the stuff I like to use to take care of my face.

Now looking at the title of this blog post, you may misunderstand me and think I don’t care about makeup. That’s not true :) Just take one glance at my vanity table at home (much to my husband’s dismay haha), and you will also know I love my makeup products. But as a woman who works under the sun constantly, sweats as a result of photographing for hours, does long late nights of editing marathons, travels on airplanes which we all know circulates the driest air around, drinks way too much coffee, and doesn’t sleep very much (or very well) as I’m also a mother to an under 2 year old, I have come to realize that a huge part of looking your best is to look after your skin for the following reasons:

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  • Good skin, in turn makes putting on makeup MUCH easier and as a result, you use less makeup (saving you money, yay!).
  • It saves you a lot of time getting ready in the mornings, or whenever you need to go out as you are spending a lot less time covering up, and only enhancing. I no longer have the luxury of taking my time to get out of the house since becoming a mother as there is now a little human being demanding a large part of my time and attention – and limbs!! Mothers, you will understand the struggle of trying to put on makeup and drying your hair while your child is hanging off your leg or crying and tugging at your clothes because your attention is not on them :P
  • Putting on more make up, actually makes your skin even worse than it was before. I remember the time, I bought a product (we won’t mention any names here), that claimed to magically make my pores vanish and hence give my face a seemingly flawless finish. And at first it did. Then after using the product day in day out (even with thorough washing and cleansing), over time my skin got bumpy, inflamed, clogged and extremely unhealthy. I eventually needed to visit a dermatologist (ie. Skin dr, people) to correct my face, and it was there that I learned that the product (and a lot of makeup actually) was clogging my pores, causing dirt and oil to be trapped in my pores, and as a result became a breeding ground for bacteria to grow.

It took me 6 months, of wearing no makeup, constant facials to decongest my face, and also lots of learning from the professionals on how to look after my face so that I wouldn’t rely so much on makeup to look flawless, and they all said it starts with looking after the skin itself. And their biggest tip to me was:

  • invest more in quality skincare (and less in makeup) that fits within your budget and lifestyle,
  • and work on practicing a dedicated skin care routine every single day as a priority so that by the time you hit your 30s and 40s, people will be complimenting you on how great your skin looks, rather than how fabulous your makeup looks.

As mentioned in our post before this one, June is our dedicated skincare month, meaning I will be releasing a bunch of posts related to this part of our bodies. And just so you get a peek into what is coming, the posts will include:

  • my skincare routine
  • my top 2 places to look after my face
  • the facials I do and other things I do to maintain my skin
  • the products I love using and why
  • what I do health wise to also help my body take care of the skin from inside out (don’t worry ladies, this isn’t elaborate, as I am a time poor person myself, and promises to be as realistic as possible, because lets be honest here – none of us have as much time as we’d like, we are often too tired to exercise every day, and we are never going to be holistically healthy and doing things like cutting out coffee from our day haha)

So I’m super excited to be sharing these things with you! Hopefully you find the posts informative and helpful, and as always, comments/emails/messages are always welcome so don’t feel shy to drop us a hello! :)


Jenny Signoff

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