Hello to our beautiful readers!

Especially if you are here for the first time! :) We are SO thankful and excited you have stopped by our blog. We hope you spend time browsing around, as there is alot of fun and fabulous content that we have for you to look at and hopefully be inspired by! There is ALOT more on the way, including fun giveaways so please come back!

So first and foremost, this is a lifestyle blog, with a fashion/style and beauty emphasis. Now before you go and think… ‘not ANOTHER blog’, we are hoping you stick around and give Two Threaded Poppies a little spin, as we believe our blog is a little different and unique in the sense that:

  1. It is run by two Christian and Jesus loving girls :) And we hope that influence in our lives shapes the content we share out. We hope to be good influences! :)
  2. There is a ‘girl talk’ section that Jenny is proudly running. She is the ‘writer’ of the Two Threaded Poppies blog, and is passionate about the deeper things in life that we all think about. Be it work, relationships, self, and so on. She hopes that it will be a place that inspires you to be better, be fabulous, and to grow into the best version of yourself you were born to be.
  3. YOU, the readers, matter to us! In the sense that this blog is a place for you guys to chat, comment, and share your views. We’d love to hear from you on what you’d like us to post more about, and we promise we do listen and hope to actively create content around your tastes as well! We also have this thing called ‘comment of the month‘ – every month we will pick the best comment that has been left on our blog, and will gift off a lovely prize to that visitor. So please leave your thoughts! :) They matter to us dearly :)

Thank you again for stopping by and visiting! Please look around, and do come back! For those that want to stay more connected, there are a few ways you can do that (we will also be having exclusive content to the various social media channels below, including giveaways so do subscribe and follow us!) :

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Have a great week and we hope to see you back again!

Jillian and Jenny Sign-off



I’m sold, Love the three reasons why this blog is unique. Keep it up JJ :)

Aww thanks so much Cindy! I look forward to seeing you more often around here! xo

So this is what was coming, it’s a really pretty blog! Love it!
Have always been inspired by Jenny for her awesome photography and now this!
I personally like to come up with my own template for my blog too but I am not really good at it :’D
Hoping for frequent updates from you guys! *thumbsup*

congrats on a new blog! just read through all your post and can’t wait to read what you girls will post in the future! so happy to have found another blog to add to my list of “blogs to read/follow”. and I’m also really glad i get to follow you on pinterest/tumblr/facebook/twitter & instagram! woo

all the best with everything!
God bless

Hi Jillian & Jenny!

Congrats and all the best with the new fashion blog!
Really excited with the coming updates and already loving the style and all the sharing.

All the very best!

Blessed week ahead,

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