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June 12, 2018

As promised over our instagram (, when we shared about our Venice tips and travel photos, we said we would let you decide which photo of ours you wanted for your wallpapers!

So… here it is! Just click on the photo below to load it, and then click/hold on the photo to save image.

{Venice Grand Canal by Sunset}

And just in case you missed it on our instagram, here are our venice travel tips and insider recommendations!


JILLIAN: Earlier this year I made it to the Italian city of Venice!! Famous for being the floating city, it was one of the most aesthetically pleasing cities I’ve ever been to.

Jenny and her husband also made it to this place a couple of years back so this information is a combination of what we’ve collected that makes this place wonderful to enjoy!


  • You can’t say you’ve been to Venice unless you’ve been on a gondola and watch the sun go down by the water. Do it. It’s touristy. You can’t avoid it but seriously, it’s worth the price for that once in a lifetime experience. Average price per ride is about €70-80 per boat.
  • Avoid the crowds and just wander aimlessly and enjoy getting lost in colourful streets and alleyways. Jenny did this too and it was the best way to get around and find more secrets about the city. You always have google maps to take you back in case you really do get lost! Haha!
  • Enjoying a gelato as you wander the streets and alleyways! Green Apple and La Boutique Del Gelato are our recommendations!
  • People watching at Piazza San Marco! The place is always full of people and things going on so make a detour to spend a little time there!


  • Avoid restaurants that are full of tourists and if there is a waiter at the door alluring people in – Usually super expensive and lower quality food! TripAdvisor was our best friend to find the best places. Or, if you’re like Jenny’s husband, be bold enough to strike up some conversations with a few locals (if you can find them haha – most of them don’t live in Venice anymore), and ask their opinions! We recommend Cantina Arnaldi (amazing antipastos!), Muro Venezia San Stae (wonderful pastas), and Antico Forno (pizza!!).
  • Avoid the crowds and explore the city by early morning or evening
  • When in Piazza San Marco, don’t sit down at a table to enjoy the music outside if you’re eating/drinking. Jenny got conned by the eateries and got charged a crazy €12 music fee! We recommend buying whatever you want to eat and drink and sitting yourself in a shady corner and watch life go by.

We hope you enjoyed this mini Venice post! Enjoy some extra photos below! :D

{Venice Grand Canal by day}
{Getting lost and discovering endless mini canals}


{Piazza San Marco}
{Gondolas parked by sunset}
{Gondola drivers!}
{More beautiful alleyways discovered just by wandering}

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