The Two Threaded Poppies Promise

June 2, 2017



I am finally getting time to write this little blog post about the Two Threaded Poppies philosophy and belief behind sponsorships, collaborations, and product shoutouts/reviews that we put out there.

We know the Internet is a very loud and noisy crazy place these days. I (jenny), myself have days where I am not sure who to trust anymore when I see the endless amounts of influencer product placements, reviews, and other things. Jillian and I don’t like to treat our readers as stupid or naïve. I’ll say it here quite clearly, that we know a lot of influencers get paid for reviews or gifted certain products/services in exchange for media shoutouts.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this (I understand that everyone has bills to pay, and that it is not possible to make ends meet without the paid sponsorships), I just wanted to take some time out today to let all our readers here know that we here at Two Threaded Poppies have always maintained the belief that whatever we are putting out to all of you and recommending you, they are products or services we 100% believe in ourselves and will backup with money from our own pocket.

That is, most of the even if the product is sponsored, we take the time to curate brands and products that fit in line with the Two Threaded Poppies vision, and also provide the quality we know you all deserve! And on top of this, it means we will only share with you brands, products, services and things that we would actually pay with our own money even if these brands did not sponsor us.

Your trust in us matters so much, so thank you for sticking with us everyone, and we hope that  this helps to put your hearts at ease, and we hope this continues to foster trust between us and yourselves. We’re committed to continue bringing content out to you all that engages, inspires, and adds value to all of your lives in ways that are hopefully wholesome, beautiful and healthy :)

Til next post! I’m writing a series of blogs about skincare this month so look out for it! Considering I’m now well in my 30s and a mother, working and working under the sun on top of it, I hope you find the next few posts insightful and helpful! :D

Jenny Signoff

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