Review: Astute Clinic Q Switch Laser Treatment

September 19, 2018


{{Makeup free face. After a full treatment of laser sessions}}

When most people think of laser treatments, thoughts of zapping and pain usually come to mind. So when I was suggested to undergo a course of laser treatments for my face, I was honestly terrified. You see, I have zero pain tolerance.

But Dr Jason, from Astute Clinic, is great! He has been dedicatedly looking after my skin for over a year now, always making sure that nothing is beyond what I am comfortable with, and always making sure my face looks in the best condition possible for my lifestyle at whatever point in time :) He assured me from the start, that the course of laser treatments he recommended for me (the Q Switch laser) would be pain free, and that if I was scared (I was), I could enjoy added protection through a layer of numbing cream that is applied all over the face before the treatment begins. It sits on your face for about 20-30 mins and the effect on your face is that becomes somewhat ‘numb’. Any one of you tried icing your face before? The effect is similar but without the freezing cold of course ;) I found out that I didn’t need it though… the sensation is like a tingling popping feeling over your face.

Here is a photo of me before the laser treatments began. You can see here, that my face was in AWFUL condition. It was a result of working way too much under the sun, which resulted in alot of congestion (and hence scarring), enlarged pores, pigmentation, and uneven and dull skintone. There is no editing done to this photo, and it was taken on my iphone for true transparency of the condition.


Then when the laser treatment starts, it is is SUPER quick. Just a 15 minute process, where your skin will undergo the laser beam, targeting every area on the face. There is also a ‘cold wind’ that is blown to every spot that the laser goes over. This is mainly for comfort reasons, for anyone who needs that added step of comfort. If I had to be truly honest, while there is zero pain, you will feel a sensation of ‘light flicking’ to your skin wherever the laser touches, but its gone in a split second and if you have opted for the numb cream (combine that with the blast of cold air), the whole entire process is very comfortable. Some areas such as the largest pores on your face, and around the lip area may be a little prickly but for someone like myself who has zero pain tolerance, it was surprisingly bearable! :)

The best part of this treatment? Well apart from the results, there is zero downtime. So if you wanted to do this treatment in your lunch break, you can be in and out and back to work and no one will know what you have done in your break. There is no redness or anything after the treatment. There really is zero evidence you have been under a laser – apart from skin results 2 or 3 days later! :)

Here is my step by step photo after-treatment process (always taken a few days after the laser treatment as that is when you will start to notice the differences and benefits). All have been taken without a filter applied, and zero foundation or power or coverup has been used to show the skin results in real life:

{{These first two photos were taken after my first few sessions, using the phone camera }}
{{This photo was taken later on in my treatment program when my skin finally started to stabilize from my prior acne scarring. Finally decided to use my DSLR camera for quality purposes in imagery}}
{{And this final photo, taken a week after the previous one, I’m showing again as it was the final shot I decided to take in the series. Taken in the same spot, with the same camera, same time of day a week after the previous photo. I decided to also wear the same top for the sake of aesthetics for this blog post haha. Only difference is that I decided to wash and style my hair so it looks tonnes better than in the previous photo haha! }}

The best course of action, is to do the laser treatment once a week or once every 2 weeks in the first month, then after that you can do it just once a month for maintenance. The effects are longer lasting if you take care of your face and skin :) I have found that the combination of laser treatments (along with your monthly facials) has been the best love I could do for my skin. The facials help hydrate and clean up the junk inside the pores, and the laser works deep down the layers of the epidermis to repair skin cells that would otherwise find it harder to heal and regenerate on their own :)

What I noticed the most from the lasers sessions was:

  • smaller pores (REALLY!!)
  • more even skin tone
  • I had a glow!!
  • smoother skin surface
  • lightening and eventual disappearing of my acne scarring

To find out more, head on to Astute Clinic’s facebook (HERE), and instagram (HERE), or give them a call directly at +60328566188.

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