Review: Astute Clinic Cryo Facial

October 31, 2018

Recently, I had the pleasure of being asked to test and review Astute Clinic’s newest facial called The Cryo Facial.

What? You’re probably saying to yourself in your head. Yep, it’s name is a little strange. But this treatment uses cold/freezing technology combined with microneedling (don’t freak out haha), to stimulate collagen production, and to promote skin results that boast brighter, clearer, more even tone. There is zero downtime so you don’t need to hide away at home after your treatment. You can immediately go back to your day and go about your things.

The session lasts 1 hour give or take – some of you may raise an eye brow at this length. In a beauty that puts extra value on longer sessions to help clients feel like their money is going the distance, I’ll tell you why this is such a good thing. At least for me, and any other mother or working person out there. I am TIME POOR. Really. If I can get the same or similar results from a session vs a treatment that is longer, I’m happy to take it because it allows me to get back to my day and my busy schedule faster.

I have done 3 sessions already (one a month), so I can finally report my findings and my thoughts from this facial more accurately.

Here are the steps to the facial:


Astute clinic uses a tailored cleanser for your face depending on your skin type, to clean and wash your face so its a fresh blank canvas free from dirt and oil and grime, ready for the next few steps. I was treated with the Enzyme cleanser as it really helps to target and get rid of dead skin cells (its awesome for someone like myself who has large pores and works under the sun for long hours on end. Alot ends up accumulating in my pores despite my best efforts!)

Step 2: Ultrasonic Scrub + Extraction

You know a clinic is great when they go the extra mile to make your skin as smooth and as clean as possible. This is probably one of my favourite parts as they run a blade like machine (don’t be scared. It doesn’t hurt AT ALL) over the surface of your skin to gently scrape away any remaining dead skin, blackheads and other grime left behind. The skin is very smooth after this step. Which is then followed by an extraction process to get rid of any remaining blackheads, or pores that are clogged.

Step 3: Microneedling

Following the extraction, a small roller with very very small needles, is then canvased across your face in gentle rolling actions. This step basically ‘penetrates’ your skin so that it does a number of things. Firstly, the needles allow for deeper absorption of the essence/serum that is applied to your skin after this process is over. It does not hurt AT ALL. The sensation is more of a tickling feeling. Secondly, this microneedling to your skin basically kickstarts the skin to be better at stimulating collagen production which in turn makes your skin look younger, smoother, less fine lines, brighter, and more plump. These are the benefits I found and enjoyed after each facial.

Step 4: Serum + Freezing the face

Once your face is completely microneedled, the serum is then applied all over your face. I chose the stem cell serum as it promotes regeneration and repair (something I desperately need each month because I work under the sun, and also because I am well in my 30s already :D). There is also the Vitamin C serum which is great for collagen production and making the skin look really bright! A machine which emits temps from minus 1 to minus 10 degrees celsius is then rolled all over your face. The purpose of this is to calm and cool the skin so that it brings down any redness from the microneedling (not that I got alot of redness to be honest), and also to completely SEAL everything in so that all the goodness continues to be absorbed and enjoyed by the skin.

The results?

Like I mentioned in step 3, the benefits I saw were smoother, and more plump skin. The kind of look you get when you sleep alot, drink alot of water, and are basically 5 years younger! haha. What I found was that immediately, I saw no difference (I was honestly almost disappointed walking out of the facial) – BUT…. 2 days later (and I gather this is the collagen production finally being visible) I saw my skin really glow, become smoother, more radiant, and really plump!

People have asked – Astute Premier Facial or this Cryo Facial. In all honesty, they’re both different. I love that the cryo facial is fast and promotes collagen production, and I saw the results last almost 2 weeks (of course you need to take care of the skin to extend the length of the benefits). But if you are after super hydration and a really extended cleansing/extraction and especially masking session, I would say go for the premier facial. Both are wonderful if you ask me. So try both! And see for yourself! :)

If you want to see videos of the process, you can go to our instagram (HERE), and check out the BEAUTY highlight/section – I have documented and saved all the steps in video form for you to see!

Here’s a shot of my face a few days after one of my sessions. I am only wearing astute clinic’s tinted sunscreen, eye liner, and some blush. And while I am wearing tinted sunscreen, you can see how smoothly it has applied onto my face. Yes my pores are still visible in this photo (its to show you its a real, unfiltered photo), but they’re small compared to when I do not take care of my face :)

To find out more, head on to Astute Clinic’s facebook (HERE), and instagram (HERE), or give them a call directly at +60328566188.

NOTE: While this post was sponsored, all opinions are my own and are a completely transparent and honest representation of my thoughts towards the treatment/products used.

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