Pregnancy: Our Maternity Shoot

October 14, 2015


Hello Friends!

This post has been meaning to go up since our week 34 bump shoot, but as I mentioned in my previous post, I developed a serious case of carpel tunnel syndrome, so alot of things got held back, and weren’t able to be completed as a result of not being able to bend my fingers and my hands going numb. And then I gave birth, which threw me into a whole new loop of challenges inclusive of sleep deprivation and a baby that will not settle unless she is held.

So it has taken me 6 weeks of ‘settling’ (haha, I say this with a slight tone of irony in my breath as we all know newborns don’t really settle at this stage :P ) post birth to finally find some time (and a method to do things ‘baby-free’ – ie. babywearing. More on that in another post :P) to share these special images :)

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I kind of smile wryly looking back at these images… mainly because I almost didn’t want to do one. Why? Mainly because I felt fat, and unattractive, and the last thing you want to do at that stage is to be in front of a camera. But strangely enough, my husband (who is usually the one who is anti-photoshoots haha), encouraged me to do this together with him so we could look back during this time in our lives. And glad I listened. I got my friends to all help and be part of this, so this little afternoon adventure together ended up being really enjoyable and memorable (albeit tiring – it was my first time wearing heels since getting pregnant, and I had to keep them on for a couple of hours haha). So thank you to my friends Sherly (from Tie The Knot) for the flowers and simple decor, to Angie (from Angie Hair and Makeup) for making me look SO much better than I actually do for the shoot, to Kel and Nigel (from Nigel Sia Visual Storytelling) for the behind the scenes and just keeping us company, and finally to Joshua (from Inlight Photos) for the beautiful frames that so sweetly matched what we wanted – you have been my team member and friend since I began JSP so you know just how much I adore simplicity and stripped back frames, so I was so happy with the way these photos turned out.


  1. White dress: From For Love and Lemons
  2. Blush/Pink dress: From Celest Thoi (thank you so much to my dear friend, Celest, for designing this special piece for me. I wanted something completely different to my other dress, and she made me look like a magical forest mamma in it :D )

I hope you all enjoy looking at these frames as much as we have :)







jujenmaternity_2015_0109 jujenmaternity_2015_0114


jujenmaternity_2015_0070 jujenmaternity_2015_0077


jujenmaternity_2015_0003 jujenmaternity_2015_0095 jujenmaternity_2015_0115

jujenmaternity_2015_0060 jujenmaternity_2015_0055





Jenny Signoff


I love the natural sunlight and your dress is just stunning. Breathtakingly beautiful :)

Beautiful shots!! Love it!! I still have some never before seen behind the scenes video. Hehe. Show you soon! :)

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