PARIS NOTRE DAME | Free Wallpaper Download

April 16, 2019

Hi Everyone,

The news that broke out today, that the world historic building in Paris – The Notre Dame, was burned down was incredibly sad news for both of us. Does anyone else feel the same? :(

This city, and the beautiful architecture that holds so much history, has a special place for both of us. We love paris. And to think that so many around the world now, and in the generations to come will miss parts of what made it so unique makes us really sad. We just wanted to take some time out today to remember this beautiful man made structure. And to share some photos for you – its for both those who have been there and have seen it with your own eyes (how lucky!!), and to those who have not made it there but want a keepsake of what it was like before the fires last night.

Below are two of our favourite photos we have taken on past trips to this beautiful city. Once during the autumn (the first photo). And another in the summer (the second photo).

The first photo will be available for download for your desktops! You just need to download it by clicking {HERE}

And the second photo, is available for use as your lock screen wallpaper. You just need to head to our instagram ( and find it in our IG stories. It will also be saved under the DESIGN highlights tab for future visitors :) We hope you all enjoy these small keepsakes!

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