Our NEW Brand Identity is here!

June 4, 2018


Hello friends!

You may or may not have noticed, but a few things have changed around here at Two Threaded Poppies!

Over the course of the last few months, we have been slowly overhauling the look of our brand. And giving the Two Threaded Poppies face and vision a good update, which meant designing it in a way that reflects more truly what we love and what we hope to express to all of you!

So today, we want to take the time to share parts of the brand identity with you here, and hope you love the new look as much as we do!

So firstly, the biggest change you will notice is our logo.


Gone is the red and pink watercolor graphic that used to live on our website and instagram profile photo. Replacing it, is this simple floral motif that embodies the letters TTP in the shape of two poppies. Jillian has done an amazing job transforming the logo to this using lines that flow almost like hand lettering. Can you all see the TTP? Its very subtle but there if you look ;)

Then our actual name “Two Threaded Poppies” has been replaced with a set of serif and sans serif fonts to give our logo a look that is a combination of classic and modern at the same time :) Which is much like Jillian and I to be honest in terms of our style/fashion :)

Next, is our new Instagram icon here:


And lastly, our colour palette has been finalised. We have settled on a palette of 5 colours that we hope are overall, soft, feminine, down to earth, but also versatile enough to be applied to modern design pieces and graphics that we hope to share with you over the coming few months! You’ve probably seen a few things already such as the illustrated quotes that are up on our Instagram now! :)  Have a look below at what we have curated as our official brand colours and the names we have given them! :)

  • Black
  • Stone
  • Earthy Blush
  • Oatmeal
  • Pistachio


You will notice that we have already started applying this into certain elements of our brand identity like our Instagram Stories (Highlights icons) like below:


And we hope in time that this entire identity will be carried forward in an updated and finalised blog design. We have actually updated the blog already earlier this year (so what you are looking at now is version 2.0 of what we started with in 2014), but Jillian and I are in the midst of working on pushing the blog to version 3.0. hopefully sometime later this year once we get some of our brand elements into print form (think business cards, thank you cards and so on!).

In the meantime, we want to leave you with our vision. Apart from updating things visually (Jillian is the master here behind this), we have also been taking a good hard look at Two Threaded Poppies internally. A huge part of this has been carefully writing up and building a business plan, and developing a marketing strategy outline which includes what we stand for and what we hope to achieve. Gone are the days where Jillian and I are just going to throw out ‘something pretty’ in hopes that it garners enough of your attention, let alone interaction with us. We know and understand that Instagram and the blogging world is HIGHLY saturated right now, to the point were alot of you (including ourselves) feel numb or even discouraged by what is being put out there. It creates a mindless zombie scrolling action within our days and we don’t want to be a part of that. Jillian and I deeply believe that if we are going to put out content, we want to make sure the content is good. That it is stuff that will matter in your lives or at least enrich it in some way GENUINELY (we touched briefly on this when we wrote about sponsored posts and what they mean to us here: https://twothreadedpoppies.com/the-two-threaded-poppies-promise/).

So here it is… our mantra. Our motto. The TWO THREADED POPPIES VISION.


We aim to create high quality visual and written content that enriches the lives of our readers in a way that:

  • cultivates growth as a person
  • builds confidence as an individual and in a community setting
  • develops a boldness/fearlessness to flourish in life no matter what stage or place in their lives they are in.

We want girls and women to feel like TTP is a safe place to go to at the end of a long day or week, and know with assurance that what they will read will make them feel good, encouraged, and generally inspired to live a life that develops the best version of themselves and their loved ones.

We do not want to be a space that breeds jealousy, envy, bitterness, comparison, or discontentment amongst our reader’s lives.

Lastly, Jillian and I are Christians. We love God. And hope to share with you all the whys behind the JOY of knowing Jesus and having a relationship with Him has brought into our lives.


And there you have it! The Two Threaded Poppies updated brand identity and vision! We hope you like it as much as we do, and love where we are heading with it. Let us know your thoughts or if you have any comments or feedback! Do know that we treasure each and every one of you who has supported our small little platform here, and those of you who have trusted what we have shared. I know we may not be big, but we promise quality. By doing so, we hope to grow! So if you love what we do, please tell your friends and loved ones about us so we can continue doing what you have loved reading and seeing this past year for as long as possible.

Thank you!

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