OOTD: Keeping it Classic

November 4, 2014


It’s been so busy on our end lately… Jillian has been up to her eyeballs in assignments, and I am running in circles literally chasing deadlines, while flying in between cities every few days for shoots and being on location. There are some moments I catch myself not having taken a breath for a few seconds, and that is where I need to pause, slow down, and calm myself so as not to be completely overwhelmed by it all. Spring is such a beautiful season, but wow it can get crazy! I was just thinking to myself that if I could just have 2 weeks in one place, that would be SUCH a gift! Until then, I’m hanging on until Christmas where it will be all about spending time with my husband, being with family, hanging out with friends, and just living :) I’m truly looking forward to it!

In the meantime, I’d love to share with you all an ensemble I love going to, when I feel stuck on what to wear – thats right, denim and a white top. When all else fails, and you are having some major style crisis, or just downright do not have the time to pull anything fancy together, you can never go wrong with a pair of great fitted jeans, and a white top.

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I mean, since James Dean mastered the look all the way back in the 1940’s, the look never really has gone away. It has become somewhat of a style staple – which I love, because it is so simple, understated, yet classy. It can be dressed down for a total casual look, or dressed up with statement necklaces, blazers, or killer heels for a look that is fitting for a night out with friends or a date. For my take on this look, I have gone somewhere in between the totally casual and glam, which only further proves to you just how versatile this ensemble can be. What I did was I put together a pair of dark denim skinny jeans that I scored for $7 from Primark (the story is, I forgot to pack pants to London on one trip – I know, ‘IDIOT alert’ haha,  as I thought travelling there at the end of May meant summer weather. Little did I know it actually meant rain, wind, and just freezing your butt off haha, so I had to find a last minute pair of pants that would shield me from the weather since I had to shoot every day, but I also wasn’t willing to fork out tonnes of money on a new pair of jeans as I already owned so many. Ironically, this pair has turned out to be the MOST worn pair of pants in my entire wardrobe since! So lesson is, never underestimate a piece of clothing just because it is cheap! :D ) with a floaty white blouse from Zara.

As usual, I opt for a v-neck blouse whenever I can, as it creates a slimmer illusion, and with this floaty fabric, I loved that it covered my arms while remaining comfortable (yup, my arms are one area I do not like about my body so I have learned ways to disguise them to look more slim), and because I have a long torso and shorter legs (can you believe out of all the siblings in my family, I am the one blessed with the shortest pins haha!) I usually like tucking in my tops so that it gives the illusion that you have longer legs – pair that with a good pair of heels and we’re set! This look features a pair of white minimalist heels (I know everyone is into black, but its spring so look for brighter fresher palettes girls! :D ) from Windsor Smith :) Now that it is spring and weather is warmer, it invites the appearance of more and more opened toe shoes, so don’t forget to paint your nails, ladies, whether you do it yourself or head to your favourite nail bar for it :)

This look can go with any sort of white top to be honest – I’ve worn these jeans (darker denim is very flattering as it slims the legs to the naked eye) with white tank tops, white camis, white halter necks, white sweaters, white cardigans, white lace tops, and so on and so forth – haha, if there is anything in my wardrobe I am always open to adding to, it is a white top of some form – get it in a flattering cut/shape for your body and it will remain timeless in your closet for decades I promise! :D

Lastly, but definitely not least, a HUGE thanks to my wonderful friends and colleagues below for helping me on this shoot. There’s no way this could have happened without the generosity of your time and talents :)
Hair+Makeup: Angie Ng
Photograhy: Joshua Koh (Site Coming Soon! :D), edited by Me :)






2tp_ootdjenny_oct01_0014 2tp_ootdjenny_oct01_0013



ZARA / White Blouse / similar here
PRIMARK / Dark denim skinny jeans in navy / similar here
LOVISA / Jewellery here
WINDSOR SMITH / Christy heels in white / here
VALENTINO / The Rockstud medium leather trapeze bag in nude / here
Jenny Signoff



You look great Jenny. It’s a nice simple look.

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