JENNY | Let’s talk Series #1

April 11, 2019

So, we ran a lengthy poll series on instagram stories the other day. And it was super super interesting to know what you all think and what you’re all hoping for. We know that regularity and frequency of posts is our biggest downfall, and we promise we are trying super hard in working on that.

Jillian and I both juggle full time work along with this platform that we BOTH love (and really want to grow and make awesome!), and on my end I also need to look after a 3 year old daughter, manage the home, somehow be genuinely present in my marriage and friendships, while trying to take care of myself (health wise!). It’s hard. Thats all I’m going to say. This whole work life balance is a myth I tell you. I’ve been working since the year 2000, and married since 2008, a mother since 2015 and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, that you cannot do everything well, all at once. I am not being negative. Just realistic. So that none of us drive ourselves to insanity trying to achieve this super woman myth that DOES NOT EXIST. It used to really bug me on days I’d do some things well, and fail at other things, or days where I just failed at everything! haha! I’ve learned since, that in any given day, you will do some things well and some things not, and amidst even that – there will be days when nothing works. And I’m learning to be okay with that.

So, on that very lengthy introductory note (sorry! haha!) I am finally starting something I talked about a few times on our instagram, and something that over 90% of you voted for –  It’ll basically be journalling from my point of view. I pray this won’t become boring. It definitely won’t be a daily diary, but I do hope because it’s writing from my heart, I will be more easily able to update it regularly (still debating between weekly and fortnightly). It’s just a point where I can share thoughts on life, memories, and talk about things that have been on my mind or that I think may generate thoughtful conversations between us!

We know this platform needs to be more personal, so we are working on that and hope this is one way to make that happen more often! :) We don’t want TTP to become a blog that is just filled with information about products (even IF they are products we love and 100% believe in) as there are so many blogs these days about this very thing…. telling us to buy more, own more, spend more. And while there is nothing wrong with that, our hope with TTP was to always have it to be a place that not only inspires women on the pretty physical things, we want this to be a place and a corner in this noisy world wide web where you can come to, to be inspired, or encouraged, or feel better when you have a lousy day whether it is because of work, or a relationship, or just something to do with you.

I think what I have learned out of all this, is that Jillian is by far the best person to keep presenting to you all the beautiful things as she has such an amazing eye for detail, layouts, and is so darn creative (we did the same course, but she’s SOARED through it with results that way surpass how I ever did… so proud of her!). While I will continue to share some of the pretty things I like or do (like skin care, clothes, etc), my passion and my real heart lies in sharing through words. I hope to encourage and inspire you as I write.. tell you about my life… the highs and lows of it, and hope that injecting my personality and my heart to this blog, will hopefully be something you all enjoy. I believe also, that it makes Two Threaded Poppies a little different to the usual lifestyle blogs you come across. I’ve always wanted a space that inspires us in things for both the outside and the inside so that we women are not just growing outwardly, but always inwardly too. They say beauty is only skin deep and it is so true… so here’s to also cultivating beautiful hearts, minds and souls. And lets encourage each other as we do this thing called life together.

Lets see where this heads.

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