Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Two Threaded Poppies mean?
A: This is a long answer to our name :) Basically, we wanted a name that was feminine, different, but beautiful. A name that stood for all the things we wanted this site to be about… ie. the two of us, clothing, beautiful things, and life. The ‘two’ represents us, the ‘threaded’ represents fashion as well as us being sisters together, and the ‘poppies’ part of our name represents all beauty and life. It is our favourite flower, flowers to us also represents life, and is created by God :) We hope that makes sense! :)
2. What are some of the plans and future of Two Threaded Poppies?
A: To those during the lead up to our launched, guessed that Two Threaded Poppies was going to be about a fashion line, a book, a jewellery line, selling our prints/artwork/photos… these are definitely not out of the question, in fact, one of the things we just mentioned is in the works, but we won’t be launching it yet. So you will just need to stay tuned :D For now, please enjoy our site as a regular source of prettiness, inspiration and hopefully fun reading :)
If you have any other questions you’d like us to answer, please drop us an email or leave us a comment and we’ll try to answer it here :)
Jillian and Jenny Sign-off