Yes, we launched and went live!!  


As we are having a massive launch week to celebrate, to start things off, we are giving away this beautiful new bag! To win it, just follow the steps below:
1) Follow us @twothreadedpoppies on Instagram
2) Like this photo on our Instagram account
3) Leaving us a comment on this photo on our Instagram feed may win you extra brownie points hehe

It’s THAT easy!!  But you MUST do at least step 1 and 2 and above to qualify  Competition will be open until the end of this week! We will announce the winner on monday morning 8th Sept 2014. That’s just THREE MORE DAYS! So enter quick!

Jillian and Jenny Sign-off


Quilt…. YES!
Thanks for the giveaway, Jen and Jill! <3

Do I leave a comment here or on instagram? Never hurts to earn double brownie points! ;)

Hi Sharon! No worries! Its good you asked :D You leave a comment on our instagram photo :) Thank you!!

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