About Jillian


1. Caught guilty. I am a magazine hoarder. They are my constant source of inspiration, not just in content, but in imagery and layout. Publication is something I want to get into when I graduate from university.
2. Tea drinker, not coffee drinker.
3. I have the tendency of buying books and not finishing them. I’m still trying to improve on this.
4. My guilty pleasures include online (window) shopping or watching trashy reality TV shows… whilst tucked into bed. *smug face emoji*
5. Not much of a sweet tooth, but ironically, I will never turn down ice-cream if I get an opportunity. Ice-cream is actually my weakness.
6. I love cafe hopping. I love it even more when I get to do it with friends that enjoy cafe hopping as well :)
7. I have an irrational fear of birds.
8. Born a Virgo… My birthday is on the 14th of September if anyone is wondering ;)
9. Probably the most indecisive person ever. I can’t even decide what to wear in the morning or what to eat for breakfast.
10. Just like my sister, I’m both an introvert and an extrovert (or as some would say, ambivert). I love going out and being sociable, meeting new people etc. but I totally need a good amount of alone time/down time to re-energise.
11. Sooo… I try to be healthy and active and all that. Like eating clean and exercising regularly. But it just get’s too hard sometimes, and all you really want is a big, juicy burger.
12. Currently studying my bachelor degree in graphic design and sub-majoring in French. I’ve always loved design and I’ve always been interested in foreign languages, so getting to study subjects that I enjoy is pretty cool :)


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