About Jenny

Photo By Jose Villa. http://www.josevillablog.com
1. I love Jesus.
2. My husband is my favourite person in the whole world. I met him when I was 17, married him when I was 25. We have been together for almost 15 years as of 2014.
3. I don’t like conforming. Never have… For example: I was told business school was good for me. I ended up in design school, and eventually ended up in a career that allowed me to take photos and write….I’m told that 6-8 hours of sleep is best for me, so I sleep 9…. I’m told that I should photograph in RAW, I chose to shoot JPG for my entire career…. You get the idea…If the majority out there are doing one thing, I’ll likely do the totally opposite. Call me a rebel, cracy, individualist, whatever you like.
4. I’m a photographer and a stylist/art director. Equally. People often think I’m the first, but they often don’t realize that I play a hand in putting together alot of the elements for my shoots :) I’m still surprised no one knows this about me yet! haha.. I blame it on my work…people see the end results which are my photos rather than the behind the scenes which have often involved hours of pinterest-ing, and advice given on what to wear and how to do one’s hair and accessories, and how to place things in the frame so it photographs in the best possible way.
5. My go to junk food is McDonalds french fries when I’m wanting to down in a bath of trans-fat and salt.
6. In the world of fashion, my biggest weakness is shoes. No wait, clothes. No wait, makeup. No, actually its jewellery. The truth is, its all of the above. I just go through cycles and phases. As I type this bio up, I think the shoe department is winning, while the makeup team is totally coming last.
7. I’m trying to adopt the one-in-one-out policy. Ie. If I buy something for my closet, I have to give one thing away from it. I’m still not very good at this, but I’m learning.
8. Despite what you see on my instagram and facebook, I am NOT a sweet tooth. I am a salt-woman all the way! Except when I see ice cream, dark chocolate, and red velvet cake.
9. I am obsessed with colours. I blame that on design school, and then landing a career in photography which taught me to see the world in rainbow shades, and that there IS a difference between peach, apricot, blush, and tangerine. This has trickled down into the way I wear my clothes. Even when I wear monochrome inspired ensembles, there will still always be a splash of colour. Speaking of colours, my favourite colours are yellow and blue…. yes, the colours of happiness and tranquility.
10. I am equally and introvert as much as I am an extrovert according to myers brigg and it cannot be more true! I NEEEEEEED time at home to wind down and recharge, especially if I have been travelling for weeks at a time on shoots and on location. However, if I stay at home too long by myself I can also get super cranky and really need to be out and about with people too! :)
11. I am an absolute coffee addict. Yes, I love tea too… but, without my double espresso to start my day, I am not a very happy (nor productive) lady haha
12. I am passionate about music. I used to play the piano, but wasn’t very good. Singing seems more up my alley. My favourite artists to date include: Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Alicia Keys and Taylor Swift. Hmmm.. Upon reflecting over that list, I wonder if there is something in UK water! haha
13. On a similar note, I’m a song hunter. No joke. If this was a real job, I’d be a professional. I’m THAT good (“self praise is no praise”, I hear my husband telling me haha). Seriously, once I hear a song I like, I will hunt it to the ends of the earth til I know what it is, and how I can get my hands on it. If Shazam won’t help me, that’s ok, I’ll find a way. A recent track I fell in love with didn’t even exist in record form, so I begged the artist to please record a version. God must have heard because a week later, she launched the song for purchase. I was in audio heaven :D 
14. I love writing. It’s food for my soul… I had dreams of being a novelist and a journalist before I was a photographer!
15. I love exploring this big beautiful world created by God, and I’m hoping to add more postcards to the list of countries visited as much as possible.
16. I’m a very typical Taurus! Birthday 10th May if anyone ever decides to send me a surprise present!
17. I’m a tv JUNKY! No kidding or exaggeration there. I have probably watched or at least tried just about every single tv series (I’ve even dabbled in korean :P ) that exists out there. My current faves are Suits, Hart of Dixie, Bones, Nashville, Beauty and The Beast, The Mentalist, and Modern Family. 


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