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OOTD: Nautical in the City


Hello everyone! I’m finally back with a new post. So sorry for my absence of late, but I’ve been really under the weather the past few weeks, and I’m slowly regaining enough energy and health to start getting back into work in the last couple of days. Even now, I’m still not 100% so do bear with me! The good news is that Jillian has been regularly posting on the blog and instagram in my absence so hopefully you’ve been enjoying her summer content! :D

I wanted to share with you an outfit I’ve put together that is 100% nautical inspired, but totally suitable to be worn not just by the sea, beach, or water, but also in the city as I live in a big metropolitan city myself :)

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As you all would know, blue and white have always been style staple colours of mine, so it is always fun to play with new pieces that experiment with these shades such as this Yacht21 off the shoulder striped top, and this super comfy and affordable pair of white jeans from Uniqlo, paired with one of my favourite blue bags and zara heels :)

Now, alot of people think that off the shoulder tops are only for slim people, and that white jeans should only be worn if you have stick skinny legs – not true!! I am not afraid to admit that I have size 36.5″ hips (crazy I know, but I just want to show you that its not about size – it is all about finding the right cut and fabrics when it comes to shopping for clothes that really suit your body). I love that these jeans from uniqlo were so soft, had stretchy material, and its waistline was low, but not too close to the hip so it was very flattering. And paired with this really elegant off the shoulder striped top from Yacht21, it meant that my less-than-ideally-toned arms were well conceived but still showing enough skin in all the flattering areas like the shoulders and the forearms without ever stepping into the ‘skanky’ territory :P As you would all know, our brand here at Two Threaded Poppies is ALL about classiness, elegance and style while being appropriately modest :) Yes! It’s totally possible to be stylishly womanly and beautiful without needing to wear clothes that make you look cheap or sleazy. And trust me when I say that guys love this kind of style. While they look at women who dress less than appropriately, they remember ladies who dress with class and elegance like Audrey Hepburn :)

Less is more! :)

For those wanting to find where Yacht21 is sold, head on over to THIS POST to find all the outlets and places online you can buy this piece :D

Again, as always we want to say and reassure you that all brands we features are carefully curated and chosen by Jillian and myself very selectively. We promise we don’t just simply feature and showcase pieces we don’t believe in. They must always adhere to the Two Threaded Poppies standard of beautiful aesthetics (chic, elegant, feminine), quality, and service :)

Enjoy the photos ladies and have a lovely rest of the week!! :D

Hair+Makeup: Angie Ng
Photograhy: The Seven Days (Site Coming Soon! :D), edited by Me :)















YACHT21 / Off the shoulder striped top / see links this THIS POST for stockists
UNIQLO / Stretch ankle jeans in white / here
ZARA / Blue Assymetrical Trafaluc Heels / similar here and here
CELINE / Blue Trapeze Bag / here and similar here

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OOTD: Peach Chic


It’s officially CHRISTMAS!!! That means everyone is busy wrapping presents, making feasts, and gathering with friends and family all over the place. I just love this time of year because everything kind of slows down…. I know it gets busy in terms of social and personal stuff, but really everything else just eases off, and people are concentrating on what matters in life, and that is the people they love :)

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Anyhow, we wanted to squeeze in one more post before the festive season begins! This outfit, Im really excited about… as always, we try very hard to remain in the Two Threaded Poppies theme which is elegant, chic, and feminine, but also wanted to try something a little more unique and daring. Yup, I decided to wear culottes. WHAT ARE THOSE? I hear you asking? Well, its basically wide leg pants, cropped. VERY wide haha :) I have to admit I avoided this trend for a very long time because 1) I’m only 5’5″ 2) I’m not the slimmest or leggiest girl out there and 3) I always thought how people paired them was super ugly/busy/unflattering. However, after walking through the racks of Topshop while they were having a 30% off sale, I saw THESE – peach satin culottes, and for some weird reason I had to have them. I knew that if I paired it right, these pants could look really special.

So, in comes my visit to Yacht21 – a boutique clothing brand in Singapore. Jillian and I are big believers in smaller local brands (yes, we do love the major labels too, but when you find something unique and local to a particular place, and its beautiful, and very good quality, I say SUPPORT! :D ) so when we met up with the team to check out their line, I really loved their clean cuts, fresh colours (they brand themselves as resort wear, but honestly, the colours white, blue, pastels and so on are SO versatile you can wear them anywhere), and high quality fabrics which are hand picked by their team before production. Anyhow, I have paired a simple (but delicately detailed) white top from Yacht21 with the culottes. Because the pants are so busy (in the sense that the cut is bold), I wanted something very simple and clean on top – hence the white top from Yacht21. This white top can be worn with so many things – jeans, tucked into a midi skirt, with a pair of washed out denim shorts, etc. Needless to say, I walked away with a bit more than one piece from yacht21 and I’m really looking forward to sharing the images of these pieces in the coming weeks. For now, if you’re wanting to get your hands on some of their pieces, you can click HERE to find out where, or you can drop in personally into their stores in Singapore and Malaysia below :

  1. Bugis Junction Store #02-34
  2. Raffles Exchange #B1-32
  3. Far East Plaza #04-124A
  4. TANGS (Level 1)
  5. ROBINSONS @The Gem (Level 2)
  6. ROBINSON @The Heeren (Level 3)
  7. ROCKSTAR @Cineleisure (Level 3)
  8. ROCKSTAR @Orchard 22
  9. Fabspy – @Mid Valley Megamall (Malaysia)
  10. Bazarro – @Jalan Telawi 2 (Malaysia)

Or purchase online at the following stores:

Anyhow, before I foget, the culottes? If you’re not into white tops, you can also wear this pair of culottes with a fitting black top, or a beautiful black cami. Either way, its a win, and you remain looking chic, elegant and polished! Also, don’t forget to wear a pair of heels! Because I’m not the tallest girl, I’ve decided to wear this outfit with a simple pair of nude pumps (every girls must own a pair of nude pumps! They match just about EVERYTHING under the sun!! :)

Oh and before I end this post, I just wanted to reassure you that all brands we features are carefully curated and chosen by Jillian and myself very selectively. We promise we don’t just simply feature and showcase pieces we don’t believe. They must always adhere to the Two Threaded Poppies standard of beautiful aesthetics (chic, elegant, feminine), quality, and service :)

Enjoy the photos ladies and have a merry christmas!! :D

Hair+Makeup: Angie Ng
Photograhy: The Seven Days (Site Coming Soon! :D), edited by Me :)



















YACHT21 / White Top / see links above for stockists
TOPSHOP / Peach Satin Culottes / here (and they’re HALF price now!!)
STEVE MADDEN / Proto Nude Pumps / here
SHAZOEY JEWELS / Wishbone Necklace / here (we love that you can choose your length!!)
SHAZOEY JEWELS / 5 Dainty Gold Rings Cuff Band / here (you can choose your ring size! :D )
VALENTINO / Rockstud Medium Leather Trapeze Bag / here

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OOTD: White Summer Elegance

2tp_ootdjenny_03_0007 I’m so sorry there has been this lull and a silence from my side the past few weeks. As mentioned in previous posts, its year end which means its insanely busy… however to top things off, I got ridiculously sick and have been taking time out to recover and recuperate…I’m happy to say that I’m back on solids and starting to feel alot better. You have no idea how relieved and overjoyed I felt when I started feeling hungry again! Yup, appetite is BACK! :D

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One of the other things that have kept me very occupied amidst all that is that I’ve been travelling and on the road alot the past few months…. Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Paris…collaborating, shooting, new projects and much more are on the horizon and we’re so excited for next year as there is MUCH that we want to share. How did this year just fly by right?? :D I’ve got ALOT of writing that I want to share once the year end settles down, and I’m really looking forward to that because it will share a lot of pieces I’ve done about love, relationships, self-worth, forgiveness, and more – I hope you will come back and visit when these pieces go up one by one as they will be there to encourage, inspire, and give hope through our amazing God :D

Anyhow, I can’t believe we are in that time of the year where the Christmas trees go up, all I see are mad crazy people all over the shops with a million and one paper bags hanging off their arms, and people are planning their christmas and new year parties! I hope you all have some lovely plans ahead :)

Now, to end, I’d love to share with you a REALLY simple ensemble that can be worn both day and at night, in spring and in summer, to the beach and a wedding and look equally as elegant. It is this floaty white maxi dress. I found it while I was fumbling the racks in Paris in Zara! I have always been very afraid of maxi dresses as I am only 5’5″ with my proportions longer in the torso and shorter in the legs – in summary, I look short :( However, I am a very determined person when it comes to trying styles in every way possible way before eliminating them, so when I finally figured out how to wear maxi dresses without them making me look stumpy, I was so thrilled! The trick is in the waistline ;) Yup, make sure the maxi has a waistline that sits a little higher or just add a thin simple belt that you can tie around your waist, so as to create shape, and the illusion of height. And it helps if the maxi dress is a single colour (or at least single colour lengthways) so that you look taller :)

Anyhow, when I saw this maxi, I knew it would be perfect for something I could wear on a date, to the beach/around a resort, to even to a wedding (provided it is white friendly – some really are! haha I’ve shot some to prove it :D ). I love it because the back detail was really flattering with the X, the material is so light, and it was in my favourite v-neck neckline :) To accesorise, I decided to glam it up so I paired it with a clutch that was handmade for Paris Fashion Week (Jillian and I found it in Paris in the vintage markets and got this amazing price for it!), and some simple black heels. If you want to wear it casually, just wear it with a pair of simple neutral coloured flat sandals, tie your hair up in a loose bun, or wear a white summer hat :D

Hair+Makeup: Angie Ng
Photograhy: The Seven Days (Site Coming Soon! :D), edited by Me :)

2tp_ootdjenny_03_0018 2tp_ootdjenny_03_0008 2tp_ootdjenny_03_0010 2tp_ootdjenny_03_0013 2tp_ootdjenny_03_0003 2tp_ootdjenny_03_0009 2tp_ootdjenny_03_0006 2tp_ootdjenny_03_0017 2tp_ootdjenny_03_0011 2tp_ootdjenny_03_0015 2tp_ootdjenny_03_0019 2tp_ootdjenny_03_0012 2tp_ootdjenny_03_0005 2tp_ootdjenny_03_0014

ZARA / White Maxi Dress / similar here , here and here
MINELLI / Black Minimalist Heels / similar here
VINTAGE FIND / Hand beaded Clutch / similar here and here
LOVISA / Jewellery / here

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OOTD: Sparkling Glamour


I’m literally counting down time these days, not because I’m bored or because there is nothing happening, but because it is soooooo busy. October and November are kind of the craziest months of the year for us because 1) its almost christmas 2) weather is truly warming up so that means alot of shoots, and inevitably deadlines :P  and 3) did I say it’s almost christmas? :)

I wanted to quickly post this before it got seriously insane as I am down to the last 3-4 weeks of my work year before Christmas time off officially begins, and I’ll be drowning in ribbons, wrapping paper, and listening to the sound of carols! Now, for this post, the look is quite different to what I have shared already – mainly because this look is totally glamorous. I have put it together to inspire a look that hopefully you can wear to: black tie weddings, your own wedding (perhaps a night/evening gown?), your engagement shoot, or a red carpet event (not that I have been invited to one yet, but you can definitely wear it to one! :D).

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I always believe a girl should always have one dress in her closet that is TOTALLY glamorous. Not an evening dress that you can wear to a date, no that is not what I am talking about… I am talking about a gown that is completely off the charts suitable for a black tie kind of event. You know, that means full length hemlines, a little bit of bling or lace or tulle or some other very ‘special’ material :) I initially bought this dress for my 5 year anniversary shoot, however, I decided last minute to change my mind and enlist the amazing talents of my friend Celest Thoi to make the dress I eventually wore for the dress (you can see the dress in this post HERE)  so this dress was put back in the bag and shelved for awhile… I’ve always loved it as it is made of tulle, and sparkles, and it is in blush!! So it was a shame to never use it :( However, when the chance came to be able to bring it to this outfit shoot to share with you an evening/event ensemble, I was really happy :)

Pair it with a pretty little clutch, some matching shoes, and get your hair/makeup done and it looks perfect for any of the occasions I mentioned above. I wish some of my clients wore looks like this a little more for their wedding day or their engagement/pre-wedding shoot – while I think summer dresses and cute little short dresses are so adorable, I really feel for occasions where you are going to be photographed once in a lifetime, invest in something SPECTACULAR (and it doesn’t always have to be white to be appropriate!) :D Hope this entire look inspires you to take a few more chances when you get the opportunity to wear such a gown! :D

PS: ladies, never ever buy or wear a strapless dress with a straight neckline – it will make you look larger and bigger than you really are. Instead, opt for a subtle sweetheart neckline, similar to what is picture here in the photos below :)

Hair+Makeup: Angie Ng
Photograhy: Joshua Koh (Site Coming Soon! :D), edited by Me :)




2tp_ootdjenny_oct02__0016 2tp_ootdjenny_oct02__0005


2tp_ootdjenny_oct02__0018 2tp_ootdjenny_oct02__0014

2tp_ootdjenny_oct02__0019 2tp_ootdjenny_oct02__0015





RACHEL GILBERT / Isadora Dress / similar here and here and here
TOPSHOP / Ripple Skinny Strap Sandals / similar here
COLETTE HAYMAN / Gina Hardcase Clutch / similar here
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OOTD: Keeping it Classic


It’s been so busy on our end lately… Jillian has been up to her eyeballs in assignments, and I am running in circles literally chasing deadlines, while flying in between cities every few days for shoots and being on location. There are some moments I catch myself not having taken a breath for a few seconds, and that is where I need to pause, slow down, and calm myself so as not to be completely overwhelmed by it all. Spring is such a beautiful season, but wow it can get crazy! I was just thinking to myself that if I could just have 2 weeks in one place, that would be SUCH a gift! Until then, I’m hanging on until Christmas where it will be all about spending time with my husband, being with family, hanging out with friends, and just living :) I’m truly looking forward to it!

In the meantime, I’d love to share with you all an ensemble I love going to, when I feel stuck on what to wear – thats right, denim and a white top. When all else fails, and you are having some major style crisis, or just downright do not have the time to pull anything fancy together, you can never go wrong with a pair of great fitted jeans, and a white top.

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I mean, since James Dean mastered the look all the way back in the 1940’s, the look never really has gone away. It has become somewhat of a style staple – which I love, because it is so simple, understated, yet classy. It can be dressed down for a total casual look, or dressed up with statement necklaces, blazers, or killer heels for a look that is fitting for a night out with friends or a date. For my take on this look, I have gone somewhere in between the totally casual and glam, which only further proves to you just how versatile this ensemble can be. What I did was I put together a pair of dark denim skinny jeans that I scored for $7 from Primark (the story is, I forgot to pack pants to London on one trip – I know, ‘IDIOT alert’ haha,  as I thought travelling there at the end of May meant summer weather. Little did I know it actually meant rain, wind, and just freezing your butt off haha, so I had to find a last minute pair of pants that would shield me from the weather since I had to shoot every day, but I also wasn’t willing to fork out tonnes of money on a new pair of jeans as I already owned so many. Ironically, this pair has turned out to be the MOST worn pair of pants in my entire wardrobe since! So lesson is, never underestimate a piece of clothing just because it is cheap! :D ) with a floaty white blouse from Zara.

As usual, I opt for a v-neck blouse whenever I can, as it creates a slimmer illusion, and with this floaty fabric, I loved that it covered my arms while remaining comfortable (yup, my arms are one area I do not like about my body so I have learned ways to disguise them to look more slim), and because I have a long torso and shorter legs (can you believe out of all the siblings in my family, I am the one blessed with the shortest pins haha!) I usually like tucking in my tops so that it gives the illusion that you have longer legs – pair that with a good pair of heels and we’re set! This look features a pair of white minimalist heels (I know everyone is into black, but its spring so look for brighter fresher palettes girls! :D ) from Windsor Smith :) Now that it is spring and weather is warmer, it invites the appearance of more and more opened toe shoes, so don’t forget to paint your nails, ladies, whether you do it yourself or head to your favourite nail bar for it :)

This look can go with any sort of white top to be honest – I’ve worn these jeans (darker denim is very flattering as it slims the legs to the naked eye) with white tank tops, white camis, white halter necks, white sweaters, white cardigans, white lace tops, and so on and so forth – haha, if there is anything in my wardrobe I am always open to adding to, it is a white top of some form – get it in a flattering cut/shape for your body and it will remain timeless in your closet for decades I promise! :D

Lastly, but definitely not least, a HUGE thanks to my wonderful friends and colleagues below for helping me on this shoot. There’s no way this could have happened without the generosity of your time and talents :)
Hair+Makeup: Angie Ng
Photograhy: Joshua Koh (Site Coming Soon! :D), edited by Me :)






2tp_ootdjenny_oct01_0014 2tp_ootdjenny_oct01_0013



ZARA / White Blouse / similar here
PRIMARK / Dark denim skinny jeans in navy / similar here
LOVISA / Jewellery here
WINDSOR SMITH / Christy heels in white / here
VALENTINO / The Rockstud medium leather trapeze bag in nude / here
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