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February Wish List

Can’t believe it’s already the last month of Summer! As Autumn slowly creeps in, both Jenny & I are beginning to delve into deep burgundy hues and woollen hats… Here are some of our current must have’s for February! February 2015

1. BALENCIAGA / Le Dix Cartable M AJ Satchel
2. URBAN OUTFITTERS / Clint Felt Panama Hat
3. STEVER BY STEVE MADDEN / Masson Oxfords Shoes in Bone
4. JOLIE & DEEN / Loop Knot Bracelet
5. OPI / ‘Black Onyx’ & ‘Lost In Lombard’ Nail Polish


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OOTD: Nautical in the City


Hello everyone! I’m finally back with a new post. So sorry for my absence of late, but I’ve been really under the weather the past few weeks, and I’m slowly regaining enough energy and health to start getting back into work in the last couple of days. Even now, I’m still not 100% so do bear with me! The good news is that Jillian has been regularly posting on the blog and instagram in my absence so hopefully you’ve been enjoying her summer content! :D

I wanted to share with you an outfit I’ve put together that is 100% nautical inspired, but totally suitable to be worn not just by the sea, beach, or water, but also in the city as I live in a big metropolitan city myself :)

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As you all would know, blue and white have always been style staple colours of mine, so it is always fun to play with new pieces that experiment with these shades such as this Yacht21 off the shoulder striped top, and this super comfy and affordable pair of white jeans from Uniqlo, paired with one of my favourite blue bags and zara heels :)

Now, alot of people think that off the shoulder tops are only for slim people, and that white jeans should only be worn if you have stick skinny legs – not true!! I am not afraid to admit that I have size 36.5″ hips (crazy I know, but I just want to show you that its not about size – it is all about finding the right cut and fabrics when it comes to shopping for clothes that really suit your body). I love that these jeans from uniqlo were so soft, had stretchy material, and its waistline was low, but not too close to the hip so it was very flattering. And paired with this really elegant off the shoulder striped top from Yacht21, it meant that my less-than-ideally-toned arms were well conceived but still showing enough skin in all the flattering areas like the shoulders and the forearms without ever stepping into the ‘skanky’ territory :P As you would all know, our brand here at Two Threaded Poppies is ALL about classiness, elegance and style while being appropriately modest :) Yes! It’s totally possible to be stylishly womanly and beautiful without needing to wear clothes that make you look cheap or sleazy. And trust me when I say that guys love this kind of style. While they look at women who dress less than appropriately, they remember ladies who dress with class and elegance like Audrey Hepburn :)

Less is more! :)

For those wanting to find where Yacht21 is sold, head on over to THIS POST to find all the outlets and places online you can buy this piece :D

Again, as always we want to say and reassure you that all brands we features are carefully curated and chosen by Jillian and myself very selectively. We promise we don’t just simply feature and showcase pieces we don’t believe in. They must always adhere to the Two Threaded Poppies standard of beautiful aesthetics (chic, elegant, feminine), quality, and service :)

Enjoy the photos ladies and have a lovely rest of the week!! :D

Hair+Makeup: Angie Ng
Photograhy: The Seven Days (Site Coming Soon! :D), edited by Me :)















YACHT21 / Off the shoulder striped top / see links this THIS POST for stockists
UNIQLO / Stretch ankle jeans in white / here
ZARA / Blue Assymetrical Trafaluc Heels / similar here and here
CELINE / Blue Trapeze Bag / here and similar here

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November Wish List

Today, we decided to combine both our wish lists together and share some of the things we’ve been eyeing this month! This month, we’re loving blue hues and gold luxe jewels :) Jenny has been lusting over that deep electric blue Celine Trapeze bag which would be the perfect item to make your outfit eye-catching! One thing Jillian has been wanting for a while now is that simple black ‘365 Journal’ from Kikki.K where her intention is to fill the journal with various illustrations and doodles each day (or at least try to). These are a few more things we’ve been lusting over this month…November 2014

1. KIKKI.K / 365: Minimalist Journal / here
2. CÉLINE / Trapeze Bag / here
3. MARC BY MARC JACOBS / Sophisticato Tomoko Wallet / here
4. THE PEACH BOX / Audrey Pearl Stud Earrings / here
5. TIFFANY & CO. / Tiffany T Square Bracelet / here
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