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The Dress


First of all, I wanted to apologies for this massive hiatus from the blog! I have definitely missed posting on here and it feels great to be back! I have had the most intense first couple months back at uni, juggling a million different commitments and running on little to none sleep! For those who are still unaware, Jenny is pregnant! Which resulted in her feeling unwell during her first trimester, which is why she has been absent from Two Threaded Poppies these past couple of months. But we and our family are still super excited for the baby’s arrival towards the end of the year. When she feels ready, she will be back to post again, but in the mean time I will be taking over the blog (hope y’all don’t mind) :) So today, I have prepared a little book review, of a book I’ve finally had the chance to have a read…

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For those who love admiring fashion illustrations and love pretty whimsy and sparkly dresses, this one’s for you. Megan Hess is probably one of my favourite fashion illustrators. Yes, she is super talented at what she does, let’s be honest. But I love her style of illustration… it’s very classic with her modulating brushstrokes and incorporation of interesting textures and prints – a mix of hand and digital rendering. ‘The Dress’ is all about those iconic moments in fashion and how it shaped and moved the fashion world. It’s really interesting to read about the history and background behind these amazing dresses she has illustrated and the intention behind them.


I love how this book is categorised into a few sections: Designers, Icons, Weddings, Music, Film and the Oscars. We get a glimpse of different realms of the fashion world which I find really interesting.

IMG_9833 IMG_9832 IMG_9835Definitely recommend getting this book, because firstly, it’s pretty. Secondly, her illustrations are beautiful to look at… (there’s 100 to look at, come on) and thirdly, these illustrated dresses were designed by the most famous fashion designers in the world, worn by some famous people too, both film and real life, it’s something you don’t want to miss :) You can grab your copy here.

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Fashion Insiders’ Guide: Paris

“…Fashion people are creatures of habit. Not surprising, as their work is to program obsolescence. And they travel so much … the world, their playground. When it’s time to relax, they look for nests, wherever the photo shoot is taking place. Like a family, they also share the same strict code for a “stylish experience”: fun characters, unpretentious luxe, impeccable professionalism, outsize punch, authenticity.” – excerpt from Fashion Insiders’ Guide: Paris, Carole Sabas


If you’re looking for places to eat, drink, sleep, beautify and shop in the city of love, then I suggest you check out this charming little book by Carole Sabas, “Fashion Insiders’ Guide: Paris“. Continue reading

 I bought this book at Anthropologie when I was in London earlier this year and I thought it was such a cool read! It’s pretty much a directory to all the cutest, most unusual and quaint places in Paris from where to have lunch with your girlfriends to finding luxurious vintage clothes to where to go for ‘stylish massages’ (I mean, what?!).


If you’re not up for the typical French holiday experience and looking for something a little bit unique then this little guidebook is worth getting! I’m definitely coming back to Paris with this book and endeavour on a “stylish experience”! Go grab your copy here.


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