Girl Talk

If you’ve landed here, we just want to give a quick explanation of this section of our blog before you dive further :)

While it does say ‘girl talk’, the posts can also be read by men! :) It has been labelled this way only because these posts are our thoughts and opinions about things in life, from a girl’s perspective.

And on that note, please note that these are just our thoughts and opinions only…Ok, mainly mine (Jenny’s) haha, since I am the ‘writer’ half of the Two Threaded Poppies blog…this space is the ‘heart’ of 2TP, where you get the see the more personal side of myself and my sister Jillian (when she chooses to blog in this section)…So, while we will do our best to put up information that is current, relevant, and accurate, we hope you realize that these are just our thoughts and feelings about things we care about :) And because of that, we cannot be liable for differences of opinion. We respect that everyone has a various and different points of view, and we hope you respect ours the way we respect yours, and help to keep Two Threaded Poppies are friendly and loving place to be :)

So scroll down the roll-over buttons¬†under the ‘girl talk’ tab of our blog to see posts under this section! :D


Jenny Signoff

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