Hello Readers!

So, you have stumbled upon the clothing and style section of our page! This section is one of our favourites, as we will be talking about dresses, shoes, bags, how to match things, wearing for different occasions and so on! :D

It’s brand new, so we are still adding to it as fast as we can, so stay tuned! Just a brief run down in the meantime:

WHAT WE WORE TODAY / This is our outfits section. It will have photos of the different looks we put together for our daily and occasions wear! :D
MONTHLY WISH LIST / This section will be about things we have seen over the month and absolutely LOVE, and hope to to share our findings with you :)
PRE-LOVED CLOSET / This section will be filled with the things that both of us are selling (or giving away!) from our closet! We promise the stuff will be beautiful, in very good condition (some not even worn! haha), and at a really really bargain price. As this section is new, please check back later for updates! It will get full very fast!
INSPIRATION / Just photos we have found from around the web that we have been inspired by for outfits and clothing!
TIPS / And lastly, this section is just a place where we may post styling and fashion advice! :)


Thank you! :D

Jillian and Jenny Sign-off

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