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The Unbirthday Cake: Happy Birthday Mum!


One of the downsides to my job, is the unfortunate scenario when I am away from family and friends, and often at times that are important like weddings, birthdays, parties, etc. While I try my best to be around my family and friends as often as I possibly can, not all can be avoided. This year, I missed my mum’s birthday….so, as a slight consolation, I organized for her to have a birthday cake. And not just any cake mind you (my mum likes the chocolate cake from Michele’s Patisserie every year :P ), my sister has been eyeing the cakes made by Nikki Lee from the Unbirthday Bakery and when she showed me, I knew we HAD to give our mum one of her cakes for her birthday this year. You should hop on over to her website and her instagram to see the creations she makes… but be warned, your keyboard/phone may be saturated in your saliva by the end of the browsing :D

This was the cake we chose for our mum this year. It’s a red velvet cake covered in chocolate and edible flowers :) Isn’t it gorgeous! Thank you Nikki for creating this cake so last minute for us, and major thanks to my sis for logistically organizing this cake to get to mum in time even though I was away, and for the photos (I would have taken the photos myself but its hard to ask a family to NOT eat a cake this pretty and wait for me to return just so I can take photos of it haha!)

The verdict? Mum said it was yummy (yay! most important :D)… and its hard to please her tastebuds past the chocolate palette hehe :)



ps: This lady makes the prettiest macarons too… Jillian and I can’t wait to get our hands on some to sample!! When we do, be sure that we will likely be sharing the photos with all of you! :D

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GIVEAWAY: Celebrating 1000

Words cannot describe just how THANKFUL and excited we are to have seen what Two Threaded Poppies has become since the 1st September when we launched our brand live! In 3 short weeks, YOU the readers/followers have grown Two Threaded Poppies by TENFOLD on instagram, and we hit over 1000 followers before we even turned one month old. That is seriously jaw dropping incredible, and we owe it ALL TO YOU :)

To celebrate, and to thank you for your amazing and continued support, we’re giving away this gorrrgeous new clutch from Zara’s new collection! It is perfect for a night out, date, party, etc. Have a look how BEAUTIFUL this is!



To win it, just follow the steps below:
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It’s THAT easy!!  But you MUST do those steps above to qualify  Competition will be open until the end of this week! We will announce the winner on monday morning 6th October 2014. You know you want this!! :D

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NYFW SS15: Fashion Illustrations Part I

LR2Dumbfounded by the gorgeous drape of sheeny silk and delicate embroidery of floral pieces on to contrasting fabrics, the sparkle of subtle yet intricate beading of blooms which dissipates, I just had to draw some of my favourite ensembles from this year’s New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015. I’ve just acquired a new drawing style which I think has worked for me, but I hope to continue developing it and improving it, so I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think! Continue reading



BCBG Max Azria / View the full collection here


Monique Lhuillier / View the full collection here

LR3 3

Diane von Fürstenburg / View the full collection here


Delpozo / View the full collection here

LR1 5Michael Kors / View the full collection here

I’m going to have a second part up sometime next week, because there’s too many to show in one post! In Part II, I’ll also talk about my drawing tools and what I like to draw/colour with. So please stay tuned :)

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Enter our first ever GIVEAWAY!

Yes, we launched and went live!!  


As we are having a massive launch week to celebrate, to start things off, we are giving away this beautiful new bag! To win it, just follow the steps below:
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It’s THAT easy!!  But you MUST do at least step 1 and 2 and above to qualify  Competition will be open until the end of this week! We will announce the winner on monday morning 8th Sept 2014. That’s just THREE MORE DAYS! So enter quick!

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Hello to our beautiful readers!

Especially if you are here for the first time! :) We are SO thankful and excited you have stopped by our blog. We hope you spend time browsing around, as there is alot of fun and fabulous content that we have for you to look at and hopefully be inspired by! There is ALOT more on the way, including fun giveaways so please come back!

So first and foremost, this is a lifestyle blog, with a fashion/style and beauty emphasis. Now before you go and think… ‘not ANOTHER blog’, we are hoping you stick around and give Two Threaded Poppies a little spin, as we believe our blog is a little different and unique in the sense that:

  1. It is run by two Christian and Jesus loving girls :) And we hope that influence in our lives shapes the content we share out. We hope to be good influences! :)
  2. There is a ‘girl talk’ section that Jenny is proudly running. She is the ‘writer’ of the Two Threaded Poppies blog, and is passionate about the deeper things in life that we all think about. Be it work, relationships, self, and so on. She hopes that it will be a place that inspires you to be better, be fabulous, and to grow into the best version of yourself you were born to be.
  3. YOU, the readers, matter to us! In the sense that this blog is a place for you guys to chat, comment, and share your views. We’d love to hear from you on what you’d like us to post more about, and we promise we do listen and hope to actively create content around your tastes as well! We also have this thing called ‘comment of the month‘ – every month we will pick the best comment that has been left on our blog, and will gift off a lovely prize to that visitor. So please leave your thoughts! :) They matter to us dearly :)

Thank you again for stopping by and visiting! Please look around, and do come back! For those that want to stay more connected, there are a few ways you can do that (we will also be having exclusive content to the various social media channels below, including giveaways so do subscribe and follow us!) :

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Have a great week and we hope to see you back again!

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