Our Story

Two Threaded Poppies was born out of a love by the two of us, as we grew to realize that despite being 13 years apart in age, we had alot of the same interests. While it didn’t always start that way (I mean, being in high school while your infant sister pops into your teenage life is definitely a chasm of trouble haha!), It only became more and more apparent as we both got older that fashion, beauty, travel, design, art, and all the creative/finer things in life were not just things we enjoyed, but were passionate about wanting to share with others. So this blog, has become the central space for the two of us to combine what we both know and love, into content that we hope inspires you.

Despite being similar in that aspect, we are also two very different individuals! While each of our styles are similar to one another, ie. we are big believers in timeless and chic pieces, we are also not the same –  Jenny is the classic/modern approach to fashion, a little like Audrey Hepburn you could say, while Jillian’s style is a little more edgy, but still retaining a chic element to it. We call it Street Chic.

And while we are both visually orientated with our skills, the difference in that is that Jenny is more photography-centric, while Jillian’s strength is definitely more illustrative/graphic design-wise in nature. Jillian is also more adept in the area of music (she plays the piano MUCH better than Jenny and has a more natural inclination for melodies and notes), while Jenny and her pen love moving people with words.

And while we both work hard, Jillian is the more laid-back one out of the two. Jenny is usually always on the go, driven, and the more outspoken one of the two. But we are both nice, we promise! haha :D

And lastly, the 13 year age gap alone is an obvious one :) It influences not only our fashion taste, but the kind of books we read, the place we like to hang out, the issues that affect our stage of life and so on. But like any good team, we are like each other’s yin and yang – we hope to use our strengths and differences for good. So Jillian’s content will take care of our younger readers who are in the teens and young adults group, and Jenny’s content will hopefully umbrella the late 20s and onwards :)

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